Eka is a London based make-up artist. She always knew she wanted to work in a creative industry.  Having come from a beauty background, she has a great deal of skincare knowledge and is passionate about working with different people.

Her clients are a varied mix of editorial, fashion, celebrities and commercial.

Eka’s work has been featured in publications including:

Magazines: Boulevard (Cover), Candid (Cover), ETAGE (Cover), HUF (Cover), Make and Believe (Cover), Oppa magazine (Cover), Professional Photographer (Cover), SNC (Cover) TEETH (Cover), Atlas, Beautiful Savage, Cause & Effect, Coeval, Contributor, CHASSEUR, Daisy, Dark Beauty, Diion, DU (Russia) – Дорогое Удовольствие, ELLE Kazakhstan, Esprit LN (Czech Republic), Fabric-A, Faint, Fashion Affair, Fault, Flanelle, Giuseppina Magazine, GLAMCULT, GLASS Book, Hunger,  Interview Russia, KING KONG, L’Officiel India, Lucy, New Style, Noctis, Notion, MIST, Oyster, Pause, Playing Fashion, Pylot, Punkt, The Ones2Watch, Sicky, StoriesCollective, Tirade, Toss,  Varon, Vogue Italia online

She has collaborated with a long list of photographers including:

Adam Oei, Adam Sorbett, Alistair Redding, André Skjegstad, Andy Watson,  Anna Radchenko, Boy/Girl, Condry Calvin Mlilo, Daria Belikova, Eliska Kyselkova, Emir Eralp, Eugene Shishkin, Fabiana Delcanton, George Harvey, Giovanni Martins, Gwenaelle Trannoy, Íris Björk, Ivo Ivanov, Jared Beck,  Kári Sverriss, KIG STUDIO, Kurtay, Lukasz Suchorab, Mara Palena, Mayling Wong, Oleg Ti, Oscar Latorre Bosch, Paul Krokos, Phillip Papadis, Polina Belehhova, Ruth Richardson-Child, Sara Melotti, Sasha Saharnaya, Sophie Mayanne, Tymek Mac, Vasily Agrenenko, Virginie Khateeb and more.

Commercial clients:

Aanansi, Asos, Avon, Everything5pounds, Charles Yakob, E-Pitti, Jack Wills, Key-Leaf, Market, Martine Jarlgaard, Maria Piankov, MATCHESFASHION, Milusha London, Natsuko Tanaka, SMIS, Pelin Isildak, Sarelle, SkinChemists, Vivien Sheriff, Bird on a Wire Vintage, Yan Neo, Yuting Ji. 
Eka’s steady growth proves her to be a talent that inspires.